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Business Long Distance : Looking for an international long distance call for business and travel? Corporate Calling makes international call services easy and affordable.

  • What is is an advanced international calling card that enables users to place international phone calls from virtually anywhere in the world. More and more businesses are cutting international phone bills up to 90% by using our global calling services for their offices and travel.

    With the Corporate Calling program there's never a monthly bill or statement. You prepay for calling time; Corporate Calling automatically deducts the proper amount from your balance for each completed call.
  • Why should I use
    Why should I use Here are a few of the many benefits:
    • Calls are almost always cheaper than traditional long distance calls.
    • They are also cheaper than what your local phone company offers.
    • They cost less than collect calls and operator assisted calls.
    • They help you plan, budget and track monthly long distance calling costs.
    • We also offer local access numbers, so you can bypass hotel and educational institution phone systems for additional savings.
    • There are no monthly bills or commitments, and no detailed statements. Simply pay in advance and track changes to the prepaid balance as you make calls.
  • How do I contact
    Fill out the support request form, and a customer service representative will help you. Or call Corporate Calling at 1-800-694-0137.
  • How can Corporate Calling reduce my international long distance bills by up to 90%?
    Make low-cost long distance calls from anywhere in the world to save 70-90% on domestic or overseas calls, and even on inbound calls that originate overseas. The savings and convenience are even greater for international calling. View our rates page for a good comparison.
  • Is it safe to buy cards online?
    Yes! Our purchasing pages reside on a secure server so you can purchase any card, anytime with complete confidence.
  • What are Corporate Calling features and benefits?
    • Access any time, from any phone in 50 countries around the world.
    • Account details, customized bills and Daily Call Records available online, 24/7
    • Pinless and Speed Dialing
    • No sign-up or monthly maintenance fees
    • No account cancellation fee
    • No hidden taxes
    • Rechargeable 24 hours a day
    • For more convenience and savings, can be used with other great Business Solution cards
  • Do the connections have a clear sound quality?
    Corporate uses the latest digital routing and conference switching equipment. We use full fiber-optic cabling throughout the network, providing callers the finest quality service currently available. We constantly upgrade our system to maintain technical superiority. Every switch has 100% digital ISDN circuits.
  • Can I keep my current long-distance carrier?
    Yes. Keep your long distance company and use Corporate to make a long distance call, an international call or global call when away from your own phone.
  • Can I use any phone to take advantage these low international rates?
    Yes, in fact many of our top clients use a variety of phones. Business telephones, cell phones, VOIP, are all compatible with
  • How do I report a technical problem?
    Send an email about the problem to our technical department at They can then understand exactly what the problem is, quickly resolve it to your satisfaction, and track it if necessary.
  • What is My Account?
    My Account is a quick and easy way to review your account settings or preferences, and update them, whenever necessary.
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About Us is Universal Calling's business long distance division. For more than a decade, Universal Calling Inc. has been delivering unparalleled quality and reliability within the telecommunications industry.

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